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Boris Buegling boris at
Thu Dec 16 06:25:25 PST 2004


we are just trying to decide on a name for new ALFS tool. The folks who 
are in #alfs-dev agreed that nALFS2 wouldn't be an accurate name, 
because the tool is not based on the old nALFS and Neven isn't a part of 
the team anymore. We'd also want a non-mooLFS name for change :)

My person top 5:

1) Moongoo (obvious, wasn't it?)
2) cALFSkin (still mooLFS, but punny)	
3) lair (Linux Automated Installation Ressource)
4) amass (Automated Manipulation of ALFS Simple Syntax or Automatic 
Moongoo Alterations of Super Squirrels)
5) assparser (ALFS simple syntax parser)

Any comments are welcome.

Boris Buegling <boris at>

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