[RFC] LFS Profiles: Config directory change

Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Dec 9 12:33:27 PST 2004

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Sébastien Maerten wrote:
| Thomas Pegg wrote:
|> to move the current config_sepearate directory to config plus a note
|> to be put
|> in the README recommending backing up the config directory somewhere
|> prior to
|> making modifications to it.
|> If no one objects to this change, it will be made effective to all LFS
|> profiles,
|> including the soon to be released 6.0 profile.
|> What do you all think??
| No problem for me, but please, just make an intentional mistake so that
| the users **needs** to edit the config files. On config directory only
| is a good thing IMHO, but the wrongly named directories had the
| advantage of forcing the user to think of his configuration files. I
| don't know what might happen if a user just runs nALFS LFS-6.0.xml, but
| I really think it should not be possible to run this profile without
| having edited the config files.

The config files are written that way already, one entity comes to mind is where
you set the location of the sources, it's currently set to a bogus path that
shouldn't exist on anyone's system by default, so it's a required change that
has to be made.

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