Parsing the LFS book as a profile

Daniel Baumann daniel.baumann at
Fri Dec 3 07:11:05 PST 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Daniel Baumann wrote:
> No. That is not what will happen. If we use the book as a profile, it 
> will be our main source for deriving command sets for LFS builds. 
> Personally, atm, I only see the need to support one syntax in our tool, 
> but the fact that it is flexible and can do others, may be useful in 
> some way in the future.  If we use the book as profile, there will 
> *need* to be a way to add to, edit, adjust those command sets to 
> personalize the build.  That will have to be part of the design.

This is what i don't get. How do you want to have all these things 
together in one profile, means: how to use on the one hand the lfs-book 
as a parsable vanilla profile, and those 'additional feautures' on the 

you already said, you don't want to have seperate profiles. how then?

thanks, i do already know it ;)

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