standard profiles and additional profiles [was: Re: some things to do...]

Daniel Baumann daniel.baumann at
Thu Dec 2 07:18:51 PST 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> But it still works that way, (as vanilla), the options I put in there 
> are off by default. For all I care, you can even comment them out. But 
> having them helps greatly the work of myself and several others without 
> having to maintain many other profiles, which soon becomes tiresome and 
> time consuming.  Kevin makes some good points in those threads, however 
> if we want more of the LFS community to find ALFS useful, supporting 
> often used features like this (so that they don't have to do a lot of 
> editing) would greatly help.
atm yes, but not for near-future[tm].

> By doing that, the likelihood of having a lot of out-dated profiles 
> greatly increases. Instead, hopefully, we can have one, all-purpose, 
> up-to-date profile.
i don't ment an uncountable number of profiles, i think just a few (3- 
max 5) would be usefull. if they are outdated, belongs to the persons 
who take care about it.

> Current nALFS is in maintenance mode, and there may come a day soon when 
> profiles for it are no longer needed either. I'd rather not spend a lot 
> of time now creating and maintaining many specific profiles/variations 
> on the same theme.
nalfs.. but not the profiles. nalfs2 (or whatever it will be called 
then) is not something for tomorrow, its not even for the day after.


however, i personally will continue to have those additional profiles 
for my one use. i just thought, it would be nice to do it at a more 
public point.

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