BELFS/LFS profile changed: TERM handling

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu Apr 29 11:25:09 PDT 2004

I had noticed this problem before and forgot to report it... but Zack 
just brought it up so I've corrected it.

The profiles used to set TERM=$TERM on entry into chapter 6/7/8/9, just 
like the book does. However, in an ALFS tool that won't work, because:

A) environment variable new values are not set using the shell, so $TERM 
won't be evaluated (it's a literal value)

B) even if it was evaluated, the environment has already been cleared by 
the time the <variable> element is executed, so $TERM would not produce 
a value

I have changed the profiles to use an entity declared in 
config/general.ent to set the TERM value, and updated the README file to 
let people know they need to set this entity (although it defaults to 
"linux", which should work for most installations).

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