[RFC] "Working plan" for BitKeeper usage for the ALFS team (long)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Apr 16 20:07:21 PDT 2004

Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> (I'm not a ALFS developer, but if someday I want to fetch nALFS from the 
> repository...)
> Is there a BK <-> CVS gateway that allows me to use cvs to work (at least "cvs 
> export") on a BK repository?

This is a pending issue, and certainly something that would be a concern 
that would have to be addressed before we could adopt BK as our SCM.

As it stands today, the answer is no. We can provide daily/hourly/etc. 
snapshots as tarballs for download, so that will help. If you used one 
of those, made changes, and then submitted a diff to a team developer, 
that diff could be integrated without much hassle, just like we would do 
today using CVS.

The BitMover people have talked about making available a small utility 
(open source tool) that could talk to a BK daemon (bkd) and do the 
"export" into a tarball upon request. That utility exists (the source 
code for it is ridiculously simple), but the bkd does not currently 
implement the back-end of that operation, and it may not ever do so 
without a commercial license. I will ask them again what the status of 
that is.

There is a BK->CVS gateway (note that it's unidirectional), but it is 
finicky and really only used at BitMover for producing CVS trees of the 
Linux kernels (and it may not even be used any more).

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