ALFS profile for BE-LFS is ready

Reinhard bookreader at
Thu Apr 15 23:04:06 PDT 2004

On Friday 16 April 2004 04:46, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Reinhard wrote:
> > if you copy the packages and patches by name, you know about missing
> > packages before starting the big run.
> >
> > I added a sample like I generate with the script :)
> I did the copy a slightly different way, a more compact method. Can you
> take a look and see if you want your script to work the way I did it?

Of cause! Thank you for the hint.
But as I like to support different directories for the packages and the 
patches, the copy will be 2 steps.

With the new changes on belfs-profiles you can see the advantage of generating 
things like profiles. There are some tipos in the wget.lfs.urls:
At least the gcc-3.4 - patches don't reside in, but, the flex-package is not a tar.gz, but a tar.bz2 
and the gcc-3.4.0-no_fixincludes-1.patch does have no underscore at

Don't take my comment wrong - tipos happen too much to me, so that's exactly 
the situation, why I wrote the script.

Cheers Reinhard

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