ALFS profile for BE-LFS updated for 2004-04-15

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu Apr 15 20:56:49 PDT 2004

Now updated to match the 2004-04-15 book, and with a few problems fixed:

- the wget.lfs.urls file now contains the proper URLs for all the 
packages/patches needed for the build

- the copy step at the beginning of chapter 5 now copies all the 
packages/patches by name, so if anything is missing it will be noticed 
then (thanks to Reinhard for the suggestion)

- the keymap handling is now done properly in chapters 6 and 8

- the kernel build instructions now match the book (although this is 
less important for BE-LFS, since you have to already be running a 2.6 
kernel to be able to do the build anyway)

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