[RFC][CFV]: new BLFS profile maintainers needed

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Apr 15 16:46:13 PDT 2004

Joachim Beckers wrote:

> I would like to volunteer, but I'm not sure yet.
> I'm still a student and I can't devote time to this profile everyday. 
> Howerever in July and August I'll be able to help 24/7 :-).

It won't take a lot of time, based on Thomas' comments, especially if we 
can get someone's existing up-to-date profile to start with.

> Are there any skills necessary? (I know a bit about XML, I can read :-), 
> unfortunately I know nothing about CVS, anything else needed?)

No particular skills needed; you don't really have to understand XML all 
that well, just follow the existing profile entries and understand what 
they make the ALFS tool do. The CVS knowledge needed is not too great 
(and most of it is in the LFS/BLFS editor's guide), at least not until 
we have to deal with branching/merging, but that's not likely to happen 
with the BLFS profile.

> Is there already some document describing these changes?
> I only know that conditional execution was added, the rest is quite 
> unclear.

Actually conditional execution is in the 3.1 DTD, but nALFS did not 
implement it. nALFS 1.3 will support the DTD-3.1 conditional execution, 
as well as the DTD-3.2 enhancements: more powerful conditionals, better 
unpack/remove/move syntax (support for "base"), new patch syntax that 
supports downloading/digest-checking/decompressing, etc.

> I have an old computer here (pentium I 233MHz) that is no longer used. 
> With a broadband internet connection coming at the end of the week, I 
> can use this PC to do test builds. Maybe even automatically, using cron 
> and some bash-scripts.

That would be fine, albeit slow, for doing test builds. Remember that 
we're talking about BLFS here, so that means KDE/Gnome/X and all that 
stuff, so if the machine is RAM-limited that could make things a bit dicey.

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