ALFS profile for BE-LFS is ready

Reinhard bookreader at
Thu Apr 15 13:44:52 PDT 2004

I tried the BELFS-profiles with nALFS 1.2.2 - and it fails at second pass of 
gcc in chapter 5, at applying the patch gcc-3.4.0-specs-1.patch.

Also the wget.lfs.urls does not match the packages from the profile.

Just one more question:

How about naming each package and each used patch in the copy-step before 
chapter 5?

The benefit would be, that you could have a local mirror, that could host 
packages for different profiles 

if you copy the packages and patches by name, you know about missing packages 
before starting the big run.

I added a sample like I generate with the script :)

Kind regards

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