[RFC][CFV]: new BLFS profile maintainers needed

Joachim Beckers joachim.beckersNOSPAM at belgacom.net
Thu Apr 15 12:53:47 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> I'm officially asking for volunteers to become the BLFS profile 
> maintainers; I believe we should have at least two, although three or 
> four is OK as long as they can coordinate their efforts amongst 
> themselves.
I would like to volunteer, but I'm not sure yet.
I'm still a student and I can't devote time to this profile everyday. Howerever 
in July and August I'll be able to help 24/7 :-).

Are there any skills necessary? (I know a bit about XML, I can read :-), 
unfortunately I know nothing about CVS, anything else needed?)

> The profile will need to be changed to work in a fashion more similar to 
> the existing LFS profile, but that is not a large change. Most of the 
> packages are out of date, and the chapter organization no longer matches 
> the book.
This was adressed by Jeff's profile, I suppose.

> In addition, when nALFS 1.3 ships (supporting DTD syntax 3.2), 
> I will want the profile to be updated to support the new syntax features 
> as quickly as possible.
Is there already some document describing these changes?
I only know that conditional execution was added, the rest is quite unclear.

> To be a maintainer, you will need to be able to 
> devote some time to this task, as well have a system you can run test 
> builds on frequently to make sure the profile still works correctly.
I have an old computer here (pentium I 233MHz) that is no longer used. With a 
broadband internet connection coming at the end of the week, I can use this PC 
to do test builds. Maybe even automatically, using cron and some bash-scripts.



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