[RFC] Time to organize the LFS-6 development effort

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Apr 4 19:00:16 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> jeremy at jutley.org said the following on 04/04/04 05:59:
> <snip>
>> help out, I'd welcome it, and as I said, I *DO* hope that this effort
>> isn't wasted, and the stuff we're doing in BE-LFS can become a full part
>> of the project sometime in the future.
> The "proper" way to do this would be to create a seperate branch in 
> Subversion (how far are we with that?) which is designated as the 
> "product" of lfs-hackers. This way, there is no behind-the-scenes 
> development.
> Ideally, I think we (ie. needs of community, needs of LFS'ers and needs 
> of lfs-hackers) are best served with three branches:
> 1. stable (basically the last released version, now LFS-5.0)
> 2. testing (the CVS version of the next stable)
> 3. unstable (your BELFS)
> This model works quite well for Debian, and seeing how people 
> concentrate their interests and efforts in the LFS community, I think it 
> could work well for us. The migration to Subversion would ideally happen 
> when your branch is incorporated in unstable, propagating to testing 
> when LFS-5.1 is released and finally to stable when LFS-5.2 or LFS-6.0 
> is released.
> IMHO, the above description is what fits your intentions and the needs 
> of (most of) our community members best, so we might as well formalize 
> it. If (most of) you agree, the next step will thus be to form a 
> Subversion repository which incorporates your BELFS-branch. Rather then 
> wait eons with this, we'd better do it now (or ASAP) to prevent the loss 
> of momentum and a further fragmentation of the project.

Hi all,

I usually lurk here to see what you guys are up to.  I saw this post 
from Kevin and have read the replies.  I think that Jeroen's idea is 
excellent. (guess I need to learn SVN - and I was doing so good with CVS!)

I would also like to add one small suggestion to the unstable branch (if 
that is the right term).  Add a section on testing and maybe comparitive 
analysis.  If you are in unstable territory and want to do testing, it 
would be a good place to bring all that info together.  That way all 
hackers can do comparitive analysis and post results to help out.

Kevin - can nALFS help with comparitive analysis?


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