shell-usage on stage

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sun Apr 4 10:25:52 PDT 2004

Reinhard wrote:

> Ok, I was a bit confused, cause using chroot, the path to the shell is from 
> outside the chroot-jail and if I understood you right, the stage uses a path 
> inside the root ?!?

Any shell path specified as part of a stage element is used by 
sub-elements of that stage, so it won't be interpreted until after any 
chroot/user/etc. changes have been made. The shell parameter on the 
stage element is _not_ used for the actual chroot operation; it's used 
repeatedly by commands inside that stage that need to invoke shell commands.

Your confusion probably stems from the fact that you're thinking in 
"shell-script" mode, where you would just chroot once and use the new 
shell path as the shell for that chroot session; nALFS does not run in a 
shell, so when it does a chroot into a new root, there is not a shell 
running unless another element needs one to execute a command.

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