todo for 1.2.0-pre

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Mon Nov 10 18:42:25 PST 2003

I'll squeeze them all in one email.  Except for CHANGES file, which
Kevin will do, there are three more things I could think of.

CVS branches.  Unless someone convince me otherwise, this is what I'm
planning to do (might be already suggested by someone).

I'm thinking about tagging the current code (v1_2_0_rc) and
immediately create a branch (v1_2_0_rc_branch), without worrying too
much whether this will be the exact code for 1.2.0-pre1 or not (it
won't).  It's just a moment when we're close to release the first pre
version (as the tag name suggests).

On the branch, we can then make necessary changes for pre1, and start
releasing those pre versions (tagging them along the way --
v1_2_0_rc1, v1_2_0_rc2...).  On the main trunk, we can continue the
development for the next version (1.2.1), merging pre changes as we

So basically, we'll simply use branches only for pre releases:

tag:              v1_2_0_rc1     v1_2_0_rc2     v1_2_0
               |                  \              \
tag:           v1_2_0_rc
branch:        v1_2_0_rc_branch

Packaging a release.  Kevin's script that creates CVS snapshots seems
to be doing a good job, so I guess this is already done?  Is changing
the version in bootstrap.configure the only thing necessary to create
the package with the right name, included documentation that will be
installed in the right place, etc. ?

nALFS homepage.  This is the last thing that makes nALFS kinda
dependent on me and I would like to allow others to mess with it too
(so I can finally send you all to hell and go do something else ;).

This should be probably sent to webpage mailing list, I can repost it
there if necessary.  For now, maybe we can simply put all
~neven/nALFS/ stuff under download/nALFS ?  Until we find the better
location.  Or something like that...?


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