Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Mon Nov 10 09:01:40 PST 2003

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 10 November 2003 17:39:

> I will start working on the updates for CHANGES this evening, since it
> looks like things have pretty well settled down for the upcoming release.
> My plan is to use cvs2cl to generate a combined log, then condense and
> reformat the entries into the format that CHANGES is already using.
> Along the way I will drop out "minor" changes to fix bugs in other
> ChangeLog entries, typos, etc. Basically it looks like I will just leave
> the descriptions of the change "purposes", rather than the actual
> changes themselves.
> Does that sound reasonable? If so, I should be able to finish it tonight
> (Mountain Standard Time in US) and we can get ready for 1.2.0-rc1.

What about the nALFS-5.0 profile? Anyone working on this?


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