nALFS Patch - nALFS-1.1.8-rootfix.patch (0/1)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sun Nov 2 12:34:03 PST 2003

David Wheeler wrote:

> OH, I hadntt thought of anyone relying on that.  
> I had done this because the dtd docs say the equivalent bash script
> for the root element is "/usr/sbin/chroot /mnt/lfs /static/bin/env
> -i..." (the -i flag clears the environment).  This is also the same
> command used in the LFS book - which is the only place I can think of
> that it would matter.

That's a darn good point David; that means either the "syntax doc" is 
incorrect or nALFS is incorrect. I wasn't around when the ALFS syntax 
was created so I can't venture a guess, but I'd say at this point that 
the syntax doc will likely have to be changed to match nALFS rather than 
the other way around.

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