Patch to nALFS

Jason Gurtz jason at
Mon Mar 10 13:39:50 PST 2003

curd wrote:
> First of all, apologies for the wrapping, I can't get mozilla to do it 
> properly
> (tried what they say here: 
> but that doesn't help apparently). If anyone knows how to do it 
> properly, please let me know.

I've been highly irritated for quite some while by this egrious
behaviour and I did now figure it out.  The problem is that prefs.js
gets overwritten all the time.  Touch user.js in the same dir as it and
put those two lines in there.  user.js is parsed and takes presedence
over things in prefs.js  It took a few restarts for it to take, but it
seems to be working now (note: the irritating and agravating grey bars
still take the place of "> " when viewing messages.  when composing it
now looks slightly more normal :)

Even more agravating is the mozilla developer's attitude towards this,
which they apparently do not wish to fix.  Hmm, before I go way OT, I'll
save the rest of that for another flame.  ;)




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