LFS 4.0 compile times

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at pcpmicro.co.uk
Fri Mar 7 00:49:18 PST 2003


  As I have just purchased a new architecture (VIA C3 800) I
thought I would give Vassili's LFS 4.0 profile a run on it to 
compare the compile times to my main box, a XP 2000+.

Machine 1

	XP 2000+
	512 DDR Ram
	Compile time:	1h 47m 23s

Machine 2

	VIA C3 800mhz
	256mb PC133
	Compile time	7hr 41m 21s

I then tryed Chris Linguards bootable install cdrom that 
installs a LFS CVS version dated 17/02/03. The compile
times for this suprised me to say the least.

Machine 2

	VIA C3 800mhz
	256mb PC133
	Compile time	5hr 05m 47s

Chris uses a bash script for the install. Anyone have any
idea why doing it from a bash script takes 2hr and 36m
less? I can see some overhead using nALFS but this much?

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