update of configuration files and ALFS

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Wed Mar 5 05:21:29 PST 2003

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 10:22:12PM +0100, Vassili Dzuba wrote:
> I propose to expand <textdump> functions to insert automatically
> the comments, and use them to avoid to insert the configuration text
> several times.
> e.g. :
> <textdump mode="insert" package="qt" base="/etc">
>    <file>ld.so.conf</file>
>    <content>
>        =/opt/qt/lib
>    </content>
> </textdump>
> That would insert :
> # Begin qt insert
> /opt/qt/lib
> # End qt insert
> To take into account the files where '#' is not a comment marker,
> one could use :
>     <textdump mode="insert" package="qt" base="/etc" commentchar="//">
> or, if we want to be able to specifify the full
>     <textdump mode="insert" package="qt" base="/etc">
>         <insertfrom># Begin of insertion qt</insertfrom>
>         <insertto># End of insertion qt</insertto>
>         <file>...</file>

I don't see the need for "package", and "commentchar" -- after all, I
think we would end up only constructing those "markers" from them.

I'm all for "splitting information", but I don't think it's much
useful in this case.  To me, it's more confusing actually.

How about a simple:

<textdump mode="insert">

	<header># Begin of insertion qt</header>
	<footer># End of insertion qt</footer>



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