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Izzy l at nowhere.no
Thu Jun 26 16:26:00 PDT 2003

Vassili Dzuba wrote:

> The stamp file has the same name as the package name, so in this case
> it should be "test". Its content is the name of the packages followed
> by "-" followed by the version of the package.
> For instance :
> <package name="skel" version ="1.0">
> ...
> </package>
> will create a file named "skel", whose content will be "skel-1.0"
> Note that the directory into which the stamp files will be created
> must exist.

Thanks vassili,

For the benefit of others who may come looking, here's a couple of missing
details which I discovered on my own, once I new what I was looking for!
;).  First, if you don't set NALFS_STAMP_DIR, it defaults to
/root/.nALFS/stamps/ (I'm assuming /root is really ~/).  Second, the stamps
dir is relative to the installation environment, so if you chroot in your
profile, it's relative to the chroot dir.  If you haven't chrooted, then
the dir is relative to the pwd you ran nALFS from.

Thanks again for your help vassili.


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