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Mon Jun 23 19:06:48 PDT 2003

Peter F Blaume II wrote:
> Hello, i'm using Knoppix to compile LFS and i want to use the ALFS script
> file.
> i have a partions /hda1 for lfs and all the lfs packages stored on /hdb1
> i'm just wondering where i should mount /hdb1 for the script to get the
> packages
> and anything i should possible do before running it.. sense knoppix is a
> bootcd no write access
> to anything other then the 2 drives

That is kind of up to you.  I also use a Boot CD by Chris Lingard with 
nALFS to build boxes with.  I create four partitons.  One is for the 
root partition: /dev/sda4, one is for /usr at /dev/sdb1, one is for 
/boot at /dev/sda1 and the last is a log and profile partition that I 
mount at /nALFS at /dev/sdb2.  My box after booting to the CD and 
mounting the above partitions looks like

/ - /dev/ramfs (on the cd)
/mnt/lfs - /dev/sda4
/mnt/lfs/usr - /dev/sdb1
/mnt/lfs/boot - /dev/sda1
/mnt/lfs/nALFS - /dev/sdb2

The nALFS partiton provides me a place to stick the log files generated 
during the build and save the profiles I am working on without fear of 
losing them if I want to format the other partitions and start over.

Hope this helps.

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