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James Robertson jameswrobertson at
Fri Jun 20 09:38:27 PDT 2003


I am not sure if you even want to do any enahncements, but I was 
wondering if you would be interested in adding a small piece of code 
into nALFS?  You have an existing feature "E" that lets you edit the 
current profile that nALFS has loaded.  When I do this, I get the root 
profile xml file that I passed as an argument to nALFS.  This is cool. 
My enhancement request is along this line.  If I am in the top window 
and have expanded the children in the list to a certain entry and have 
it highlighted, I would like to press "E" (or whatever) to edit the XML 
file that that entry is in and not just the main profile xml doc.

Is this something you would find usefull?  I know I would.  When I have 
been working on my profile, I will open nALFS and get errors.  I then 
have to exit the tool, open vim to the file, make changes and then 
reload the profile again.  If I could edit the profile right from within 
the tool, that would be awesome.

Now, if I am missing this feature as already being in v1.1.7, then I 
sincerely apoligize in advance and will read the instructions again.  I 
did not see this however my first run through.

Thanks Neven. The tool is great.

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