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Fri Jan 31 06:09:09 PST 2003


I wrote an automated lfs with bash .... and now I'm searching people to do a few tests (wrote on my desktop then run on my laptop ...)

In fact it is a template, easy to customize .... (I wrote a runlevel 5 installation but 68 MB to download.... and I used GATOS modules .... (therefore, an easy way to skip or customize ....)

All conf. files are written with cat > conf.file << EOF 
I used a RedHat 7.3 (French RHCE) and wrote a few tools to read the configure options of each package ..

My web site is  (full documented in english ...., the French introduction isn't still translated but no important .. only fun  purpose ...

I tryed to respect the lfs installation way (version 4.0) and my purpose was only to produce a template to automate the installation using bash scripts ....

If you may have a few hours to do that .... I'm searching also in France ( member) but still no answer ...

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