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Tue Jan 21 23:03:42 PST 2003

On 21.01.03 22:08 -0600, DP wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> First message here.  I read through the 4.0 book, and although it makes
> sense, I would like to know how I can go through and build a
> linux-from-scratch and make it portable.  What I really want to do is build
> it, and have it be stand alone on a machine with a distro.
Most of us are using LFS without a distro now (of course, we started with
a distro, but didn't use it anymore since we built our Systems the way we
wanted to use it). About that "portable" point, I suggest to avoid the
usage of any optimization flags (unset CFLAGS CXXFLAGS), otherwise your
LFS may not run on every system.
> I have heard many times that you could build a linux kernel, put it on a
> floppy so it boots, then take the floppy out so that if the machine was
> rebooted, you could not get into the system...(I would like to build a
> ip-chain machine booting just from a floppy for security).  I really don't
> know if that was a rumour or if it is possible.
It is actually possible to put the linux kernel on a floppy disk. you 
could even tell lilo to use /dev/fd0 as boot partition (so it wouldn't
boot w/o the disk) - be sure to make a copy :-)
> Any help would be greatly appreciated before I go forward and build a
> linux-from-scratch system, that I have to run with another distribution on
> the same kind of defeats the purpose of building a machine
> from scratch in the first place.
Straightforward, I'd say. Help can be found on that mailinglist, on or even within the BLFS book. There are
informations about bootdisks around there :-)
> Sincere Thanks,
> Dom
You're welcome!
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