Just a thought ....

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at pcpmicro.co.uk
Tue Jan 21 02:52:40 PST 2003


	Just a thought as we are in the middle of changing things around.
How about adding an install-log (http://install-log.sourceforge.net/) 
type file monitoring function to nALFS. We already include support for
'dumb' stamp file creation but how about expanding this to include what
files the installation actually created/modified. 

	The possibilities with this modification are endless, here a just
a couple off the top of my head -

	o	we could query the stamps to see if more than one package
		uses the same file (check dependencies) thus allowing ...

	o	... safe removal of a package by warning of possible

	o	query which files have been added/modified after an 

	o	see a history of installed and removed packages.

	I think this is a valid addition to nALFS and using the existing
stamp mechanism along with a simple timestamp file, it should be easy 
to implement.

Anyway, just an idea.

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