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Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Mon Jan 20 00:56:39 PST 2003

Vassili Dzuba wrote on Sunday, January 19, 2003 7:11 PM
> Well, i put <list>, <para> and <item> so that they are 
> explicitely not HTML tags, because if they are and if there
> are applications that just dump the <description> into
> HTML files, i fear that soon people willl start to introduce 
> new tags, that will not be understood by other applications.

This is what I would do.

> By maybe i'm just paranoid... or overly optimist as this
> assumes that there will be many people that will write ALFS 
> profiles ;-)

Hey, maybe someday ;) It wouldn't take much for nALFS to become
a fully featured package manager so maybe. A nice GTK+ front-end
for the newbie :)

> Anyway, if one want to generate a HTML file from the profile
> using for instance a XSLT style sheet, the translation of these
> tags is quite trivial.

Yes, a XSLT sheet would be very trivial and we could assume users 
of nALFS have the know-how to fashion a simple one together.

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