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Thu Jan 9 00:53:33 PST 2003

Vassili Dzuba wrote on Wednesday, January 08, 2003 8:45 PM
> Hello,
> The DTD v3.0 contains an element <check> that corresponds
> to the clauses "package A depends on package B"
> in the book.
> YAALFS is able to check that a profile is well ordered
> with respect to that dependency.
> However there is no element that coresponds to the clause
> "package A will utilize package B". I would like to be able
> to put this information in the BLFS profile to compute
> a better build order (i have a profile BLFS_ordered.xml
> that satisfies the "depends on" relationship, checked using
> So, the question is : should we add such an element type
> to the DTD, and how should we call it ? ("<utilizes>" maybe ?)

I'm all for this. 

I've been toying with various ideas for new tags. I also propose
a <info> tag that can be used to display information for a given package.
Kind of like -

-------------- glib.xml -------------------

<!DOCTYPE alfs SYSTEM "../nalfs.dtd" [
        <!ENTITY name "glib">
        <!ENTITY version "1.2.10">
        <!ENTITY package "glib-&version;.tar.gz">
        <!ENTITY unpack_directory "glib-&version;">
        <!ENTITY download ";">

        <!ENTITY % settings SYSTEM "../settings">
<alfs version="3.0">
        <package name="&name;" version="&version;">
			     "The glib package contains a low-level core 
                        library. This is useful for providing data 
                        structure handling for C, portability wrappers 
                        and interfaces for such runtime functionality 
                        as an event loop, threads, dynamic loading, and 
                        an object system"

                <stage name="Unpacking a package.">

---------------x snip x-------------------
> Vassili Dzuba

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