Change window colours in nALFS

Dieter Raith raith at
Thu Aug 28 08:54:11 PDT 2003

After a week of working with nALFS I am convinced that this is a fine 
tool to work with. I have completely generated LFS-4.1 and extended the
profile to generate the packages I need: openssh with all prerequisites 
like openssl, tcp_wrapper .... Other packages will follow.
One thing I dislike are the colours of the display. White letter on 
black background and a small font make it terrible for me to read.
I login through ssh with a terminal window. When I change colors and 
font locally it is changed when I start nALFS.
The place I looked into was win.c, which seems the right place. Comments 
are very few, so I hope that anybody else has done this before me,


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