Notice of upcoming merger of Bugzilla's in the near future

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Aug 16 18:03:00 PDT 2003

Hi guys,

ALFS is about to need a Bugzilla installation. This would make a third
separate Bugzilla installation, which quite frankly is getting
ridiculous. Way back when the separation of LFS' and BLFS' Bugzilla was
needed because of software issues. I've been told these problems have
since been fixed, so I will be looking into the possibility of merging
LFS' and BLFS' Bugzilla systems into one system and add ALFS to it (and
whomever needs a bug tracking system in the future).

The first issue is merging the two bug databases and resolve bug ID
conflicts. This will have to be researched, maybe a matter of importing
the BLFS bugs into LFS and start after the last bug of LFS. Internal
numbers of BLFS may need fixing such as "depend on bug xyz" type things,
if those exist right now.

I will install a third Bugzilla and use it as my playground. So when we
are ready it will be done painlessly.

There's nothing you guys have to do, just keep using Bugzilla as you
have been. This email is just to inform you of the upcoming merger,
provided it can be done properly. No time line either, it's not a main
priority. We've got this reorganization to deal with first.

Gerard Beekmans

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