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James Robertson jameswrobertson at
Fri Aug 15 11:03:38 PDT 2003


Thanks so much for adding that functionality to nALFS.  Do you have the 
time to fix/add some other things that the tool could use?

Here are some issues if the answer is yes:

1.) Version 3.1 of the DTD provides for a if, then, else set of tags to 
handle contingencies.  It does not work in the code as of yet.  Here is 
part of a discussion.  It does also seem that other things in the v3.1 
DTD are not fully supported in nALFS 1.1.7.

2.) I submitted an enhancement request here:

3.)  The element <base> does not support wildcards.  See here:

Here is the start of the "How do use wildcards in filenames with nALFS" 
thread that Neven mentions.

I like Gerard's suggestion to see if we can get bash-like commands in 
there so the profile does not have to be hard coded to a specific 
platform.  Having the ability to pull dynamic information from the host 
can be quie valuable, especially if the QA/AC team(s) start using nALFS 

4.) More environment variable functions comes to mind.  Here is a post 
about that:

5.) The <required> element does not seem to work right:

6.) A bug in how nALFS handles logs:

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