Urgent investment Co-operation

George Zinsu georgezinsu at mail2world.com
Tue Aug 5 07:11:05 PDT 2003

FROM;Mr.George  Zinsu
Auditor in Chief, 
Ministere Des Finances 
Cotonou,Republique du Benin. 

E-mail:georgezinsu5 at mail2world.com 

Dear Friend, 

Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise and if it offends you as i wrote without your prior consent and through this medium. 

I am Mr.George Zinsu,a retiring chief auditor in the Ministry of Finance here in the Republic of Benin.I got your contact when sarching for a reliable,honest and trustworthy person to entrust this business with and was simply inspired to pick you.I have the mandate of my partners to seek your consent for the transfer and investment of the sum ofUS$ two million united states dollars only) into your personal or company's bank account. 

The funds is a residue of the over invoiced industrial contract bills awarded by my Ministry to some Foriegn firms.This DEAL was delibrately hatched and carefully protected with all loopholes sealed.As the auditor,I have the cooperation and mandate of the Finance Director and the Permenent Secretary to seek the assistance of a willing foriegner to provide us with the facilities to transfer this money out of the West African sub-region for investment purposes.This is borne out of the non-stable and sporous political nature of the sub- region. 

The original contractors has been duly paid while this balance is left in an escrow account awaiting claims by any foriegn company of our choice.We intend to pay this money out now since we will all be retiring soon and the contract award committee is also winding up their activities. 

Based on the laws and ethics of employment here,we as civil servants are not allowed to operate foriegn accounts.This is more reason why we needed your assistance in providing an account that can sustain this fund for safekeeping and future investment with your comprehensive advise,assistance and partnership. 

We have agreed,as the account owner in this deal to allow you 35% of the entire sum as compensation whlie 60% will be held in trust for me and my colleagues. 5% will be used to defray any incidental charges and costs if any during the course of the transaction. 

This transaction will be successfully concluded within 14 working days if you accord us your unalloyed cooperation. 

You should provide us with the following: 


Upon the receipt of these information,we shall prepare the necessary contract papers and source for the payment approvals to back up the payment to you.As with the case of all organised deals,we solicit for unreserved confidentiality and utmost secrecy in this business. 

I will appreciate you get back to me as soon as possible through the alternative e-mail provided above.You can also call me on phone number(229)98 99 16 should you wish to speak with me personally. 

I await your urgent response accordingly. 

yours faithfully, 


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