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Tue Aug 5 06:09:41 PDT 2003

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DEAR Sir, 

I am the a son of the late Mr.JONAS SAVIMBI,formal leader of the UNITA Movement in ANGOLA who unfortunately is now late.

I was a student in Accra Ghana when my father who has been leading an arms struggle against the Government of Angola for many years now was killed by the Government forces.

I am presently living in Cotonou,the Repunlic of Benin as a political refugee. I got your contact during my search for a stranger that can cooperate with me in this mutual transaction that will benefit both of us. However, you must confirm your ability to handle this because it involves a large amount of money. 
The UNITA which my late father leads is known to control a large percentage of the Diamond rich land of Angola,and he made a lot of money from which he was able to sustain the struggle over the years.Before his accidental death,my father has a CASH deposit with a private Finance & Securities Company in Accra Ghana valued at US$32 Million.The deposit Documents for this Amount is safely in my care.
With my father now dead,the Government of Eduardo Dos Santos is carring out a systematic mop up of my fathers wealth known to them.Since this particular deposit in Ghana is out of any other poeple's knowledge except my immediate family members,I need a trustworthy person like you to proceed to the Finance company in order to clear the fund and invest on  behalf  of myself and the family.
Note that I will send to you the relevant documents that will enable you take possession of the fund for onward investment for our mutual benefit. All I need from you is as follows: 

1. Your confirmation of your ability to handle this. 
2. Your telephone and fax numbers for communication. 
.3. Your full and permanent address. 

As soon as I get the above information from you, I will disclose to you the name of the Finance company. I will forward your name and particulars to the security company to enable them contact you accordingly. I will also send to you a LETTER OF AUTHORITY to enable you clear the fund on my behalf.
Note that this is a very safe transaction and I will be ready to discuss with you what your reward condition will be apert from a very favourable investment agreement.
I am waiting for your response to enable us proceed. 


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