how to make a boot/root linux system on a 16M IDE flash module with compressed root file system?

Christophe Devine devine at
Mon Aug 4 10:56:39 PDT 2003

Fu Libo <fuliboy at> wrote:

> Dear All,


> I need your help. I am making a boot/root linux system on a 16M IDE
> flash module.

I've just done that recently - been busy setting up my ADSL gateway
on a 32Mb IDE Flashdisk, including stuff like apache, exim, mutt,
ssh, rp-pppoe, etc. And I still got 14 Mb free :-)

> it must include some application(Apache, etc.) besides the common linux
> commands. Because of the size limitation, I must try to make the file system
> as small as possible. I know how to make a single boot/root floppy disk
> through using ramdisk, but I don't know how to make boot and a compressed
> root file system on a IDE flash module(hda).

I'm afraid I don't know much about that either; consider using self-
extractible binaries and libraries using UPX (

> And some configure files must be writable, so when compressed, how to write
> the configure files?

The solution I choose was to simply not use a compressed ramdisk at all,
and instead create a large 28 Mb / ext2 partition (the rest being used for
the swap). Another solution would be to use a ramdisk, and create a small
(say, 1 Mb) partition that will include the writable stuff (log files, etc).

By the way, I'm ashamed to say I didn't choose LFS to setup my router -
I found it much more simple (and quick) to use Debian 3.0, extracting
the required binaries and libraries from the .debs with ar -x and tar.

Christophe Devine

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