Managing required packages in nALFS

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Thu Oct 3 14:21:43 PDT 2002

On 2002.10.03 22:05 Vassili Dzuba wrote:
> I fully agree with the need to have a central repository for the
> profiles,
> but it would be more usefull if everybody used compatible DTDs...
> Concerning the order of the packages in the BLFS profile, I think we
> can have
> two profiles :
> - a profile following the BLFS book (like the current one) that could
> be used
>   to interactively build a few packages
> - a profile following an order compatible with the dependencies to
> compile
>   of large subset of the BLFS. As i assume nobody will build a
> complete BLFS
>   (except for test purposes), the users will need to select the
> packages they
>   wish to build.
> Of course, these two profiles will differ only in the top-level file.
> I think that we could wait until the official release of the BLFS 1.0
> before writing
> the second but of course if somebody fell it is a suitable itch to
> scratch...

Im on the verge of having a good profile of the second type, not
everything in BLFS but a good system, it's basically for rebuilding my
entire system for gcc3. One day soon :) i'll hopefully have those
stylesheets for going between perl and nALFS syntax.

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