LFS 3.3 automated install

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at pcpmicro.co.uk
Mon May 27 06:52:56 PDT 2002

Hi all,

  I am interested in building a LFS 3.3 system using the profile from
nALFS-1.0.7 but I'm not too clear on how to do it. I have built many
LFS systems from scratch and also used Chris Lingards excellent automated
install CD but I want to have a play with this myself. 

  I have a little idea about what to do but I would like somebody to point
out if this is wrong before I go and do lots of head scratching.

o	edit $ALFS/profiles/entities/general to suit my needs (i.e.
partitions, dirs)

o	copy all packages for the install into the correct dir
	(default is /usr/src/packages/LFS/packages-&LFS-version)

o	change DEFAULT_INTERACTIVE = 1 to 0 in $ALFS/src/config.h to force 
	non-interactive mode (what's the command line option -i ?)

o	execute ./nALFS profiles/LFS/LFS-3.3.xml from within $ALFS

  Do I have this correct? If not could some kind person point me in the
direction. I volunteer to write a hint on how to build a LFS from nALFS
I do this as I have toyed with the idea of using nALFS only to be put off
by the lack of documentation. 


Jamie Bennett
Software Engineer
PCP Micro Products Ltd, 18 St Peters Terrace, Bath, England
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