I would like to ask a favour to a list member...

Tanja E.J. Vos tanja at iti.upv.es
Thu May 16 09:58:13 PDT 2002

Hi all,

Following Neven's advice :-), I am reading my way through 2,5 years of email 
messages to this list in order to learn more about the ALFS tool and the 
ideas behind it.

I found this old message: on Monday Jul 31 2000, Jesse Tie Ten Quee 
(highos_at_highos.com) wrote:

>Since there seems to be quite a few people on the list allready, i was 
>wondering if someone could either, give a good example upon how The BSD Port 
>system works, or just give a nice URL. 

I am also interested in how this (Free)BSD Port system works! Unfortunately 
there was no answer to this message. Is the concept of ALFS-profiles not 
strongly related to the BSD Ports system? Who knows about Portrage ebuilds? 
This applies the same concepts too, don they?



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