nALFS v1.0.2

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Fri Mar 29 08:43:47 PST 2002

Full changes are at http://www.beotel.yu/~has/projects/alfs/CHANGES.

o   One can list some environment variables that can influence compiling,
    in WARN_IF_SET (config.h) and be warned if any of them are set.

o   The appearance is changed a bit. Most of the user input is now performed
    on a single bottom line of the screen and top window is removed. If you
    don't like the way profile's name is printed now (I know I didn't,
    until I got used to it ;), you can turn it off in config.h.

o   Command-line option for starting to parse all profiles immediately
    added (-s or --start).

o   MAIN_WINDOW_LINES_PERCENT is added to config.h instead of STATUS_LINES.
    Now, you can specify the size of the main window in percents, and that
    main:status relation will stay the same after resizing xterm for example.

o   And the program's version is much nicer. :)


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