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Seth W. Klein sk at
Wed Mar 27 16:12:03 PST 2002

Lee Saferite <dsaferite at> wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Mar 2002 22:42:29 +0000
> Mark Ellis <mark.uzumati at> wrote:
> > I notice you left <command> out of <make> and <configure>. I agree that 
> > adding a different command to these turns them into <execute> in 
> > disguise, it might just be more self documenting to have this 
> > capability in the profile.
> I figure, if you need to do a <command>, then you should use the <execute> or find another way to do it.  if you have a strong enough set of core elements, you don't need that kind of fluff.  Sorry if I make anyone angry.  ;)

I really like <command> in <configure>. It would irk me highly to have
to use <execute> instead of <configure> just because a package uses a
separate build directory as gcc, glibc, binutils, and e2fsprogs do.

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