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Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Wed Mar 20 02:24:43 PST 2002

On 2002.03.19 16:58 Neven Has wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 02:38:00PM +0000, Mark Ellis wrote:
> > Hi guys, been a bit busy lately, trying to remember where we got to,
> > please bear with me :)
> Welcome back. :)
> > Neven, how are you finding the <su> element, does it work well ? I'd
> > been torn between that and adding user/group attributes to some of
> the
> > container elements such as the *builds, but if yours works ok i'll
> > probaly go with that.
> Well, it works great, as least for me. Since the time it was
> implemented,
> I didn't think about it not once, which just proves how well it works.
> :)
> I think that adding the user attribute to <*build> elements would be
> very limited, since you wouldn't be able to use that anywhere else.

Having thought about it i agree.

> BTW, here's a (probably incomplete) list of some syntax changes
> implemented in nALFS while you were away. I might be repeating
> something
> you already know, or implemented, but anyway...
> o  Global (per-package) <base> element. Check out some older mails.
>    For now, it's where <name> and <version> are, and will stay there
>    until <info> is added.

Good stuff, i want to add this as well, just need to figure out how to 
do it.

> o  Symbolic linking by default. No need to specify "type" attribute.
> o  <su> element, which you already know... :)
> o  New <copy> options - "no-dereference", "preserve" and "recursive".

I like this too, sigh, my list is growing.

> o  <setenv mode="append">
> o  <include> removed completely, XInclude is used now.

Doing this right now, XInclude now works in XML::LibXML, so my life 
just got simpler, woohoo !

> Of course, nothing is official, set in stone or something like that.
> They are just things mentioned on the list.

Unofficial has got us this far, nothing wrong with that :)

Have you removed support for the version 1 syntax yet, i'm working on a 
stylesheet to convert 1 -> 2 so i can do this, based on something 
someone posted a while ago, sorry cant remember who. Hopefully then we 
can practically forget about it.

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