Raphael Schmid raphael.schmid at
Wed Jul 24 16:10:39 PDT 2002

| Raphael,
| If these are the only gnome applications you use, then why do you use
| GNOME?  There are lots of other desktops available, and if you are only
| looking to support a few applications, then really all you need to do is
| install the dependent libraries.  Just seems a lot of work to me to
| install gnome when you really aren't using it. (This coming from a 
| fairly devoted gnome user)
| Scot Mc Pherson
Well, despite this being OT...

These applications do not have any equivalents among other DE's or
free software in general, IMHO. Besides that, I already stated that
I was curious in _trying_out_GNOME_2_. That is, I want to see it.
People can tell me much, and screenshots remain screenshots.

But, since I only want to try it out (though with my favourite app-
lications, and there's chances I stay with it _if_ I like it), I would
like to use premade shellscripts or ALFS-profiles. Without them, it's
just to much work if you're not sure.

That's why I asked here.

I hope I could answer your questions regarding my behaviour of 
utilizing a computer.

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