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>I'm interested ;)
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> >Do you have a copy of the changes you made to the parser
> >to enable remote archives? Would be interesting to have
> >a look.
>I wrote my own from scratch in PHP with the goal of easier
>software updates. Unfortunately it's still in early alpha
>stage. I'll try to fix it up a little this weekend and
>stick it a public place if anyone is intrested.

I did a little more fixing than I intended, which is a good
thing I guess. Mainly moved it from using expat to libxml2
and re-wrote some parts. The source is available at
http://pasi.sctpc.com/source .

Keep in mind this is still alpha stuff, but it has worked for
me. Not all ALFS elements are supported yet, but it works with
the profiles listed on my site. Right now it's only good for
looking at it, but if you really want to try it out you'll need
a new version of php compiled as a CLI (4.3.0-dev).
Configure flags to compile php are in
http://pasi.sctpc.com/profiles/pasi.php4-cvs.xml .
Also, you need to be root to run it, as the path (/root/.pasi)
is hardcoded in several places. Additionally, you'll need to
create /root/.pasi/log and /root/.pasi/temp before it starts


PS. Ohhh.. one more thing, some profiles require a file named
"00-entities-00" in /root/.pasi/temp, you can simply copy
it from my website.

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