Scot Mc Pherson scot at
Wed Jul 24 06:35:33 PDT 2002

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 18:40:07 -0400, Raphael Schmid wrote:

> | I would recommend using garnome, a set of scripts to compile gnome2.
> | But it is not really worth it atm, most of the programs suck, just the
> | desktop runs acceptable. The new nautilus is cool and fast though.
> | 
> Okay, then I'll go for garnome. I really just want to try it out by
> myself. It's cool and fine if people tell you that something is "good"
> or "bad", but I much prefer forming my opinion "on the object" ;-)
> Do you know about Sylpheed, GQView, Galeon and if there is some ICQ
> client? I don't use any GNOME applications besides these, so...
> Thanks,
>    Raphael
	If these are the only gnome applications you use, then why do you use
GNOME?  There are lots of other desktops available, and if you are only
looking to support a few applications, then really all you need to do is
install the dependent libraries.  Just seems a lot of work to me to
install gnome when you really aren't using it. (This coming from a fairly devoted
gnome user)

Scot Mc Pherson
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