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Pawel alfs-discuss at lists.aliengov.org
Wed Jul 17 02:39:08 PDT 2002

At 04:51 PM 7/15/2002 +0100, you wrote:
> > I too would also like one. There are many
> > dependencies that also need
> > to be installed first though.
>I have already written profiles for other software, I
>think I only need to install QT before I can install

I have a few profiles up at http://pasi.sctpc.com/profiles ,
it's mostly misc software.
I think it's still incompatible with other parsers due to
the fact that it has remote archives. There was some talk
about adding official support for remote files to ALFS,
but I don't think it went anywhere.
Either way, in the worst case you can just fix the path
to point to a local archive and it should work.


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