nALFS-1.1.0, new syntax and the profile

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Wed Jul 10 01:57:04 PDT 2002


The reason for the new major version is the most important change - the
way handlers are used. They are dynamically loaded libraries now, read
from the specified "handler's directory" and opened/loaded when the
program is started - similar to some browser's plugins.

There are a lot of advantages with this way. Probably the biggest one is
the great support for multiple syntaxes. You just write a new handler,
call it how ever you want, put its name in handler_name variable, put
the version string of the syntax it's written for in
handler_syntax_version, and that's it. That way, the profile's elements
will be associated with the proper handlers, depending on the syntax
version (and their name of course).

Big thanks to Lee Saferite for kicking me to implement this and his
ideas and suggestions on the subject. :)

BTW, I have implemented the new syntax from CVS (ALFS/syntax.txt) with
some changes (which I'll rationalize elsewhere). <stage> is implemented
too (with <user>, <root>, <base> and <environment>, for now).

I have also written a LFS-CVS profile (20020708), using this new syntax.
It can be found at http://www.beotel.yu/~has/projects/alfs/profiles/.

To use the new syntax, just put version="3.0" in <alfs>. (0.N would
probably make more sense, but since we already have 2.0 and had 1.0...)


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