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Thu Jan 31 11:06:27 PST 2002

On 2002-01-31, andrew sprott doth wrote:

> hi ppl


> is there a installation that can run from cdrom, and allow me to
> install lfs.

Not quite a very user friendly method but I've found a good way.  Look for the repairlix distribution.  It's a ~4MB bootable CD with partitioning/filesystem tools and a normal chroot command.  After DL that ISO U need to actually mount it and save to there.  I also DL'ed and saved the LFS-Packages.tar into the ISO.  Then mkisofs and burn that to a CD.  After you boot from the CD, make at least 1 type 83 partition and a swap partition, mke2fs and mkswap, then extract minimal_lfs_build onto the new partition and chroot into it.  I noticed a few dirs missing and stuff and IIRC a one or two things from chap 5.  I just redid the things in chap5 except for gcc in a dynamicly linked manner and then went away on chap 6.

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