Syntax, shall we?

tchiwam tchiwam at
Thu Jan 24 04:41:59 PST 2002

>     o We are using XML as syntax and means to describe our profiles.
> 	I know not everyone agrees with this, but i don't see any other
>         solution that can compare to XML, without switching to shell
>         scripts.

Good it is easy to find the relevant blocks of information and build
proper scripts out of it

>     o We want to keep the syntax as simple as possible.
> 	Think "user friendly" if you will.  Simple to read, simple to
>         write, simple to use. [yes i know that's easier said then done]

How about a standard form, mine look like this:

Name : <name>
Version: <version>
Description: what it is !
Part Of: if it is part of Gnome / kde for example
Source: ftp://where are the source files/<name>-<version>.tar.bz2
Ref: how to and hints
Depend: <name>-<version>
Suggested: works better with
Optional: If you want that nifty feature
Provides: eg lidb3 can provide libdb-1.85
Notes :  any Oupses, arch thing or behavior relation

Unpack intructions:
tar -jxf ...
cd somewhere
b/zcat patch.patch | patch -Np1
cd somewhere

Build instruction::

Install instructions:
 make install
 cp ... ...

Test instructions:
 make check

 Configure instructions:
cat >/etc/ <<"EOF"

 put in log:
echo this is installed / broken /not installed

>     o Portability is an issue we want to consider and take into account.
> 	That's one reason we don't consider shell scripts the right
> 	solution.  So, when writting profiles, you have to take into
> 	account and consider that not all implementations are using
> 	the standard command line tools. (like most ALFS presently are)

Define at the begining of the XML
CC =
AR =

>     o You're idea(s) may be turned down.
> 	This doesn't mean it isn't a good idea, nor will it mean it wont
> 	ever be implemented.  It just may not happen right away.

OK, but that's just normal ;-)

>     o Issues that I consider we should hold off.
> 	Package Management, "Smart Profiles" or adding extra meta data
> 	are things i'd like to ignore untill we have an initial release
> 	finished.  And just concentrate on making a simple, working,
> 	build system.  However, feel free to discuess these topics if
> 	you want, just remenber that the goal of this thread is for us
> 	to agree on a common syntax.

Example concurent building , automatic get and upgrade seeker ?

> Please try and take these few points into considering.
>     So, let's hear it...

Ear me ?


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