ALFS Status: Past and future [was Re: new guy, newbie questions.]

Chris Lingard chris at
Sat Jan 19 04:38:32 PST 2002

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee wrote:

> One thing that i've noticed in recent momnths is that there's been a
> large number of developers that prefer to write there own
> implementations and projects which are similar to ALFS, but don't feel
> the need to contribute back or don't care where ALFS is going, etc.
> [allthough that fails into play with the previous paragraph, so.. :)]

Perhaps we do not know where ALFS is going.  I have regularly monitored the 
LFS web pages; and posted to the lists; but all I see is lack of interest 
in suggestions to extend the scope of LFS

> I would have figured more developers would have volunteered to help ALFS
> and to work together, contact Gerard ask for permissions and so forth..
> to my knowledge that hasn't happened.

Where have you been?

> Considering the hardest thing for a group of people todo is to decide on
> a path to walk, with specific goals to aim for and so forth.. Things
> turned out pretty good, especially when there was literally no
> communication coming from the official ALFS project.

Have the goals, and more specific the path, ever been discussed outside 
your little group?

> [goals/features: these are not yet published anywhere yet, so please
> have some patience.. as i know someone is bound to reply asking where
> the may see a list]

I would have thought it better to decide what you want, before writing your 
system.  There are a whole load of experts that you are choosing to ignore.


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