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Sat Jan 19 04:36:19 PST 2002

"Scott Carradice" <breevonyx at> wrote:
> I want to pass flags to gcc so it compiles for i386
> and sometimes want to be able to pass -j2 to make.

I was thinking about this.  I don't usually OPT stuff, but the -j2 things does
appear to make things go faster.

Question:  How can you add <param>-j2</param> or whatever to all the packages 
in a profile?

<xsl:template match="make">
		<base><xsl:value-of select="base" /></base>
		.... and so on ...

		<!-- params template copies the param elements that exist -->
		<xsl:call-template select="params" />

		<!-- Big Line! -->

I now have apache->tomcat->Xalan running live and it will do transforms for
peeps via my home server.  (Pro tomcat xalan hosting is out of my budget as
it's V. CPU / MEM hungry.)  Tomcat for example uses nearly 80Mb.  (most on swap
as I only have 64Mb in the server.)  A Version 1 LFS-3.0 to Version 2 transform
with Xalan, takes about 20 seconds at 85% CPU on a PII 233Mhz.

I have not written the user interface to the alfs transformer yet.  I will get
round to it though.  Promise.  Currently I have stylesheets for converting
Version 1 to 2, and converting version 2 to XHTML.  I should add a stylesheet
for adding OPTs and params to make elements.  You need to call the transALFS
webapp with the exact query string (GET vars) to get it to run.  I also need to
implement a file uploader, so you can trans your own profiles.

So many things on the TODO list, and two new Uni courses starting.  Bother.
I'll let you know if I get that user interface running.  In the meantime, can
you think of any other interestingly mundain things to do to ALFS profiles with
XLST, once the transformer interface in up, all you need to do is upload your
profile and select a style sheet and a few parameters, and it returns the


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