new guy, newbie questions.

Chris Lingard chris at
Sat Jan 19 03:39:10 PST 2002

Rob Landley wrote:

> Thanks for the offer, but I'm really looking for something I can download
> and
> install through the net with a boot disk.  (Cable modem.  Fun for the
> whole
> family.) 

To get a working and useful system on a CD takes 500Mb.  This is an 
impossible size to up or download here.  Probably OK in the USA with free 
telephone calls and cable.  The cheapest download of my CD is snail mail.

> I've downloaded the book and am slowly churning through it.  I'm looking
> for something that installs KDE because that's the code I most want to
> debug 

I do nothing like this.  My aim is to create a CD that will install a 
standard LFS, without the need for any prior systems.  I will probably 
supply a second source CD containing KDE + everthing, because this stuff 
can be expensive to download.

> Possibly.  If you've got an ISO image and I can chop the boot disk part
> out of the el-dorito boot sector thing and put it on an actual disk
> pointing to a partition to get the filesystem from, or a web server or
> something to

This is interesting.  My boot image thinks it is a 2.88Mb floppy.  After 
the kernel runs up, it autodetects the CD and mounts it.  It then passes 
control to init, on the CD.  I had not thought of posting just the boot 
image.  But I have no method or intention to auto detect internet things as 
this is too difficult.  But you have no system to pass control to.

Since you have cable, you could download my package at  Use the script to build a boot image, then rip 
out the boot image and linuxrc script.



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