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Rob Landley landley at
Sat Jan 19 02:17:37 PST 2002

On Saturday 19 January 2002 06:39 am, Chris Lingard wrote:
> Rob Landley wrote:
> > Thanks for the offer, but I'm really looking for something I can download
> > and
> > install through the net with a boot disk.  (Cable modem.  Fun for the
> > whole
> > family.)
> To get a working and useful system on a CD takes 500Mb.

As bzipped tarballs of source code?  Define "working and useful".  (What are 
you installing?  Text compresses pretty well...)  Red Hat fits the source 
code for a CD's worth of binaries onto one CD...  I glanced at the XML, 
didn't see anythign that looked particularly big.  (Are you compiling 
directly from the CD?)

Yeah you need a boot system on top of that, but you can install a minimal 
system, with compiler, in maybe 16 megs.  (Uncompressed.  The binary of the 
compiler compresses down to less than 4 floppies, I installed it that way 
back on OS/2...)

I'll go look at the package list again...

> This is an
> impossible size to up or download here.  Probably OK in the USA with free
> telephone calls and cable.  The cheapest download of my CD is snail mail.

If I get a copy of a CD I could probably put it up for download somewhere...  
(I know somebody at VA who might be able to arrange hosting there.  If not, 
I'm sure I could figure something out...)  How big is the bzipped version of 
the ISO image?

> > I've downloaded the book and am slowly churning through it.  I'm looking
> > for something that installs KDE because that's the code I most want to
> > debug
> I do nothing like this.  My aim is to create a CD that will install a
> standard LFS, without the need for any prior systems.  I will probably
> supply a second source CD containing KDE + everthing, because this stuff
> can be expensive to download.

I could work with that.

> > Possibly.  If you've got an ISO image and I can chop the boot disk part
> > out of the el-dorito boot sector thing and put it on an actual disk
> > pointing to a partition to get the filesystem from, or a web server or
> > something to
> This is interesting.  My boot image thinks it is a 2.88Mb floppy.

Ah.  I actualy do have one of those drives somewhere (salvaged from IBM), but 
I'm not sure I have any of the disks...

> After
> the kernel runs up, it autodetects the CD and mounts it.  It then passes
> control to init, on the CD.  I had not thought of posting just the boot
> image.  But I have no method or intention to auto detect internet things as
> this is too difficult.  But you have no system to pass control to.
> Since you have cable, you could download my package at
>  Use the script to build a boot image, then rip
> out the boot image and linuxrc script.
> Chris

I'll take a look at it when I plug my laptop into the network later today...

> Chris

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